Armlets + necklets for the body + Soul

LEZAMA (Leh SAH muh) is a family name of designer, Amanda Shaftel. Lezama is also the name of a town in Spain, and loosely translates to "he loves it"-- which we at LEZAMA find lovely.

LEZAMA armlets + necklets are meant to be worn every day with any outfit all the time forever. Don't be afraid to layer a necklet with other necklaces or wear a bold necklet with a t-shirt. LEZAMA is completely unique and versatile, you can't do it wrong.


LEZAMA jewelry is unique and modern, but with a vintage and worldly feel. Armlets are meant to be worn anywhere along the arm and necklets wrap around the neck, like a choker with more culture. 

Armlets and Necklets can be carefully adjusted to fit your size and comfort. Materials are natural and made to last, combining new styles with vintage and ancient materials. Ancient materials refer to semi-precious stones which contain inherent properties used to heal and aid in a variety of areas. These stones have been used throughout history by ancient and current civilizations for their abundant healing properties. Learn more

Each piece is also supercharged with Reiki light energy. Read more about LEZAMA in Urban Outfitter's Spaces blog: OU Studio Visits: Amanda Shaftel of LEZAMA

Please reach out with questions or special requests. 

With lots of love + light,